Riedel Hybrid Interface

This project was developed in cooperation with Riedel Communications GmbH. Riedel provides specialized intercom systems mostly used in live tv broadcasting.

Field Research

Analyzing usage on a TV production set revealed that the product would be used by technical engineers who often use the panels without looking at them and rely in haptic feedback. At the same time the interface had to be intuitive to artists and directors who might see the panel for the first time and need to communicate with the team.

Prototypes allowed to test haptic and visual qualities of different button shapes and layouts while optimizing space on a predefined overall size.

The front face of the panel is all about a clear and functional user experience. Inexperienced users can use simple touch controls similar to most modern smartphone layouts to interact with the panel. Physical buttons with haptic feedback provide a more precise interaction for professional use.

Lever Displays

Each audio channel is controlled by one display/button unit. Combining a four-way button and a display in a proprietary module allows greatly enhanced usability and a unique selling point over competing products.

Respecting the Norm

The panel fits into a standard rack where all required modules are put together. Every panel includes a big enough speaker to function in loud environments as well as front microphone and headset plugs.