Väder is a little helper for getting ready in the morning. Instead of trying to predict the weather in perfectly accurate digits to the decimal point, it gives a prediction using colors and icons. It is designed to be intuitive to read for all members of the family, all around the world.


Problems that were identified during research are addressed by as many concepts as possible. When the best ones are put together, they form the technical basis of the product.


Once the technical volumes are defined, sketching allows to explore new forms, proportions and compositions. Details, lines and material properties can also quickly be tested in sketches.


The device should invite to be held in hand and interacted with. As an analogy to old barometers, knocking on the glass switches to a weather forecast screen.


Converting sketches and ideas into CAD is a first test on real life constraints. Geometric properties of surfaces, dimensions of fixed components, material thickness and tolerances come into play.


Only a physical model can reveal how a product feels in your hand, how it compares to other objects and how it fills a space.