Sensors and AR help you kill pathogens before they kill you

Notus is a futuristic concept that was developed in cooperation with Procter & Gamble. The goal was to identify technologies that simplify the cleaning process and eliminate pathogens from the living space. Indoor air pollution is a hazard that has been linked to millions of deaths but is often overlooked. Notus makes it visible.

Smart Home can be More

To raise awareness and give the pathogens a face, AR animations will show contaminated areas. Once located, NOTUS will use existing smart home systems like air filtration, thermostats, UV light sanitizing or future febreze products to eliminate the pathogen source if possible.

Cleaning Like a Pro

If the pathogen source cannot be eliminated by the integrated systems, the user is advised to take action. NOTUS will give information on what has to be cleaned and how. It can order the appropriate detergent, soap or cleaning product, show heavily contaminated areas, adjust thermostat settings or preset the washing machine to support the user with manual cleaning tasks.


Notus uses a mesh of sensor units with chemical and optical sensing to determine what pathogens are in the air and where they come from. Much like many animals use scent to get a sense for their surrounding, Notus will create a map of what is in the air for the living space.

Augmented Reality

This concept was developed in 2016. AR was a big field of research and it was mostly assumed the we would have a decent solution to display augmented reality interfaces in everyday life within the next ten years. The goal for Notus was to find a wider relevant use case for the technology.

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